Learning to set boundaries in dating

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My sister’s advice put me on a path of self-discovery and self-worth

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The cast of characters that seem to keep popping up in my circle

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Judging ourselves, and each other, too harshly in non-monogamy

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Even though I’m in a polyamorous marriage, I don’t know if I’m actually polyamorous.

The accidental swipe should have crushed me, but it made me laugh… and gave me closure.

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Something I learned the hard way is that if they have to keep telling you they are a nice guy, they probably aren’t a nice…

Ambiamory and my relationship identity

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How not fitting into a box has given me the freedom to investigate without shame and self-judgment.

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Kathleen Lloyd

Nom de plume du jour. Delving into the subjects of polyamory, sex, relationships, and past trauma. Exploring my past to understand my present.

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